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Is Alice going on a date with Ro-Man?

$12.95 - 120 pages paperback

"I just finished your Robot Monster Diaries book. It's incredible.
I ended up learning so much that I didn't know. This book is 
the BIBLE for reading anything on the film."
- Bob Burns

A new book that takes a new look at the classic sci-fi campy film!
Exclusive interviews with Claudia Barrett, Gregory Moffett and Pamela Paulson

Johnny (Gregory Moffett)
Robot Monster Diaries is a new book for fans of the classic 1953 Al Zimbalist/Phil Tucker Sci-Fi 3-D motion picture Robot Monster. The paperback, full of offbeat research, which includes the providence and whereabouts of the monster's space helmet, the tale of Nat "Bubbles" Fisher, the McCarthy-era blacklisting of key figures in the movie, the origin of the "computer" device on Ro-Man's cave-side table. The book features exclusive 2016 interviews with Claudia Barrett (Alice), Gregory Moffett (Johnny), and presents the very first print interview with Pamela Paulson (Carla) about the movie. Also, interviews with Bob Burns, the man who played Ro-Man in the 1982 Robot Monster Special Edition for MTV and mentor and personal friend of George (Ro-Man) Barrows, Steve de Souza the project's director, and writers Chuck Cirino and Dave Nichols who also appeared in the project. Trustin Howard is also on board to speak on Stardust in Your Eyes, the short film that appeared in theaters before Robot Monster, and Wade Williams, who owns the copyright on the film. Aside from Bob Furmanek (see below), film experts and historians Jack Theakston and Dr. Robert J. Kiss weigh in this historic 3-D film! Plus Eric Kurland and Greg Kintz. and actor Mark Viniello, the last man to play Ro-Man on the silver screen in Looney Tunes: Back in Action, and Tom Woodruff, Jr.! Not to mention Christopher R. Mihm commentary!

Mr. 3-D Bob Furmanek explains original process used in Robot Monster

Bob Furmanek. Photo by Keith Warhola.
Robot Monster Diaries features the expertise of film historian Bob Furmanek explaining the duo camera process used to make the movie. Furmanek has played an important behind the scenes role in film preservation for more than 30 years. For the first time in print, Robot Monster Diaries gets it right regarding the original three dimensional process used in the film, and how he found the original right/left reels of the film.  Also, he talks about Trustin Howard's film short opener Stardust in your Eyes for Robot Monster, which he brought to DVD. Furmanek is the President of the 3-D Film Archive and continues his ongoing efforts to save and restore lost 3-D materials and continues to provide important research materials highlighting his 3-D library. Visit the 3-D Film Archive website here.

Affordable and packed full of information!

Robot Monster Diaries is a paperback book crammed full of information and nearly 100 photos every fan must have. The book reveals things you never knew about the movie and its backstory. Retailing on Amazon for only $12.95 for 12o pages, the value of the investigation into this B-Movie can't be beat.

Secrets only Hu-Mans should ever read!

Robot Monster Diaries parses out many side stories concerning the movie, and elaborates on trivia worthy of the most stringent 50-year-old Trekkie who still lives in his parent's basement. 
- What did Phil Tucker say to Claudia Barrett that caused some issues during the premiere of the movie?
- What injury did Gregory Moffett encounter while making the movie?
- Was the computer on Ro-Man's table a World War II surplus radio? 
- Where can you see an unidentified woman standing in the background? 
- Did Claudia Barrett know George Nader was gay during their love scenes?
- Who was Nat Fisher and how did he get his bubble machine into the film?
- What popular TV show did the 1982 MTV Robot Monster Special Edition program inspire?
- Whatever happened to Pamela Paulson? Wonder no further. We found her and interviewed her for this book!
- Does the Ro-Man space helmet survive today? Can we prove it?
Find the answers to these questions and many more pieces of trivia that every Hu-Man needs to know!

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You cannot, but you must! 


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